As mentioned within the November 2013 newsletter, we have decided to instigate a pub-of-the-season award which will cover the following periods:

Winter: December – February
Spring: March – May
Summer: June – August
Autumn: September – November

Scoring Criteria

Everybody has their own idea on what constitutes a great pub, but in order to try and regulate the process, we have come up with the following criteria, Which we hope you’ll use to select the perfect pub.

1. Quality of Beer

By nominating your pub, it suggests it consistently serves excellent real ale – in a clean glass and with a full measure. Obviously one visit wouldn’t be enough to confirm this. Multiple visits however, should!

2. Atmosphere and Decor

This is the feel of the pub. Is it clean and tidy and somewhere you or your friends would be happy to visit regularly?
How comfortable do you feel there?
Is there a well kept beer garden in the summer, or a roaring log fire in the winter?

3. Service and Welcome

Is the service prompt and friendly?
What are the other customers like and did they welcome you?
Are the staff knowledgeable about the beers on sale?

4. Sympathy with CAMRA Aims and Community Focus

Does the pub promote the values of CAMRA?
Does it stock the Tippler or promote real ale over other drinks?
Does it support and advertise community events?

How to Vote

All pubs in our sub-branch are eligible for the branch award and we’d like you to be the judge. The more members that take part, the better the competition will be. When you’ve visited the pub, score it out of 10 for each of the criteria listed above.

You can then either:
Send an email, to with “Cheltenham POTS” in the subject line and include the following information:
Your name and your membership number;
The pubs name and date of visit;
Your four scores.

Or, better still, why not come along to one of our monthly socials – see the website for details – and hand it in ‘in person’ where you can discuss in person it with your fellow sub-branch members. You could even persuade the social organising committee to visit a pub it doesn’t normally get to!

What happens next?

The votes will be collated and towards the end of the voting period, the top [3] pubs will be selected based on the scores received. These pubs will be visited by a voting panel and thepub-of-the-season selected.

The winner will be season notified and highlighted on our website and in our monthly newsletter.In order that a diverse a range of pubs as possible win this award, it cannot be won by the same pub on more than one occasion during the year.

At the end of the year, we’ll list all of the finalists and vote on the sub-branch Pub-of-the-Year. Further details on this will be provided in due course.

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