We took over the CAMRA stand in the beer tent at the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival from Gloucestershire Branch for the first time. Our new team learned how to put up the stillage under the expert supervision of Martin Parker. The event lasted 3 days and was blessed with lovely weather. We managed to enrol 32 new members and one renewal, plus we raised £64 in book/pen sales.

News of the Banksy art work: “Locals blockaded the Banksy street art in Hewlett Rd Cheltenham, with a van to try and stop “Q Scaffolding” from removing the art work to sell . The owner of Q Scaffolding also owns the Bank Robber Street Art Gallery..London” If this artwork goes, then perhaps the takings of the Fairview, Favourite Beers, and Cotswold Lion brewery (who brew GCAleQ) may drop. It has really been a terrific attraction, bringing people from all over the place to the Fairview area. Now there is some talk about the town buying it. Watch this space!

Brewery News

Battledown – Their Copa do Mondo (brewed especially for the World Cup) is selling extremely well and they were on the second brew before a single ball was kicked! Also, Roland’s children are in business (using his premises) to make Siblings Gin which is selling very well around town.

Hook Norton Brewery is still looking for premises in Cheltenham.

Pub News

Merryfellow – still under temporary Enterprise management

Prince of Wales – up for sale freehold or to let.

Greatfield – pub of the season – Spring.

Umbrella – has new tenants.

Little Owl – now has security hoardings around the site.

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