brewhouseBrewhouse and Kitchen opens to the public on Monday 23rd of May in the Brewery Quarter of Cheltenham. Many of the beers available will have been brewed on premises in  Cheltenham. This mini guide explains what beers are part of the core range (Available all year) and the beers that are seasonal. There is a story behind every beer name, so please take a look below.

 Tasting Notes and Naming

downloadCrystal Rock – English Style Ale – session Bitter 3.6%
(Core Range – Available All Year Round)

  • Traditional, Caramel, Bitter – Medium Copper in colour with a toasty malt complexity and earthy, resiny and floral character
  • We have named our sensation session bitter – packed full of crystal malt – after one of Cheltenham’s most famous sons, the multi-talented Richard O’Brien, forever etched in our memories as the presenter of the hugely popular Crystal Maze TV game show, but who also achieved international and everlasting fame by writing The Rocky Horror Show comedy musical.



Tin ManTin Man – English Style Ale – Golden Ale 4.2%
(Core Range – Available All Year Round)

  • Golden, Hoppy, Refreshing- Dry and refreshing golden beer made with only Pale Malt and fruity American hops
  • The Victorian jockey Fred Archer (nicknamed ‘The Tin Man’) is the inspiration behind the name for our hoppy Golden Ale. Born in Cheltenham in 1857, he went on to become the most celebrated and revered jockey of his day, winning 2,747 times and reputed to be ‘the best all-round jockey that the turf has ever seen’ 




Colonel JackColonel Jack – IPA – Traditional IPA 5.0%
(Core Range – Available All Year Round)

  • Bitter, Citrusy, Hoppy – Large amounts of hops deliver an intense piney and citrusy aroma and flavour in a bitter, easy drinking Pale Ale
  • History would have Cheltenham born Colonel Claude Reigner Conder (1848-1910) remembered for his esteemed military career, his friendship with Lord Kitchener and his pioneering surveys and archaeology discoveries in Syria, Palestine and Jordan. However, modern day author Tom Slemen places him in the most controversial of lights as being the notorious ‘Jack the Ripper’. Exhaustive in his research, Slemen’s 2011 publication suggests that the Whitehall murders of 1888 were in fact a Black Operation orchestrated by the British Intelligence Agency against an Irish Terrorist Alliance, and that Jack the Ripper was actually a military trained assassin – and none other than the Colonel himself!


Landed Eagle IILanded Eagle II – Stouts & Porters – Traditional Porter 4.5%
(Core Range – Available All Year Round)

  • Rich, Roast, Chocolate – An old school classic with complex chocolate and roasted flavours. Inspired by the original Porters brewed in Britain in the 19th Century
  • If you were asked to name what Great Britain was famous for, you would probably answer David Beckham, fish and chips, Big Ben, red buses, The Beatles, London black cabs, tea and real ale to name but a few. We are guessing that ski jumping is not on the tip of your tongue, but Britain and ski jumping is exactly what the world was talking about for a brief historical moment during the1988 Winter Olympics when Cheltenham lad Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ descended the in-run and took off to fly down that terrifying, steeply sloped hill in Calgary, Canada. Whilst he finished an emphatic last, being cited a ‘heroic failure’, he won the support and respect of the international sporting community for his perseverance and achievement. We have named our Traditional Porter in honour of Britain’s most lovable ski jumper.


Colonel JackBrillig–  American Style Ale – Amber Ale 4.0%
(Core Range – Available All Year Round)

  • Ruby, Hoppy, Caramel – full of caramel malts matched to American hops and just bursting with character
  • Our big, hoppy red ale is full of rich caramel malts matched with American hops and just bursting with character, a fitting tribute to the brilliantly plotted, wonderfully inventive nonsense story, ‘Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There’ by Lewis Carroll. Published in 1872, the book takes its inspiration from a mirror that remains on display in Charlton Kings to this day, and introduces the reader to a host of memorable characters from Tweedledum and Tweedledee to Humpty Dumpty, whose favourite time of day was ‘brillig – four o’clock in the afternoon, the time when you begin broiling things for dinner’. Of course, we much prefer it to be the time for beer!


Big Chase – English Style Ale – Blossom Ale 4.0%
(Seasonal – Spring)

  • Light, Balanced, Floral–A traditional Spring ale infused with Spring blossoms, light and balanced with a touch of floral, fruity aromas.
  • Nothing signals the arrival of Spring more than the first signs of blossom on the cherry tree or the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Locally named the ‘Big Chase’, it’s the race that tops all other races at the festival in terms of prestige and money. Enjoy a glass of this light, floral ale, infused with Spring blossom and toast the Gold Cup: the most valuable nonhandicap chase in the UK.


Best Mate–IPAs – Rye IPA 5.0%
(Seasonal – Spring)

  • Ruby, Spicy, Hoppy – As hoppy and bitter as our usual IPAs but with added complexity from the large amount of spicy rye malt and touches of caramel malt used in the recipe.
  • Our hoppy and spicy rye IPA is an affectionate tribute to three times Gold Cup winning horse ‘Best Mate’. Considered one of the most loved horses in the history of horse racing in the UK, his presence at a race meeting could guarantee a full capacity crowd. He not only earned millions in winnings but also raised a huge amount of money for charity


Skilly Spring– Belgian Style Ale – Saison 4.0%
(Seasonal – Summer)

  • Aromatic, Fruity, Yeasty – Aromatic with fruity, peppery and hoppy characteristics; low in malt character with a dry finish
  • Since the discovery of mineral springs in Cheltenham in 1716, the town has been known as a health and holiday spa. This is thanks mainly to Captain Henry Skillicorne whose entrepreneurial skills and broad vision – possibly inspired by his regular trips to the Mediterranean – developed the springs into a major attraction for visitors to the town


Dowty Boy – Belgian Style Ale – Witbier 4.0%
(Seasonal – Summer)

  • Cloudy, Refreshing, Citrusy – A wheat beer brewed with influences of the white and cloudy Belgian Wit. Made for the summer this ale is both refreshing and elegant, with a taste of grain and citrus derived from coriander and citrus peel
  • Our neighbouring Dowty House was originally built as an orphanage for boys. Funded entirely by voluntary donations, the Victorian home had only spaces for 20 boys. As no facility was made for a classroom or schooling, most of the boys would have sought some work in the Brewery, which stood proud of place, directly opposite.


Propulsion II– IPAs – Black IPA
(Seasonal – Autumn)

  • Black, Hoppy, Bitter – A modern twist on the popular classic. We chuck in a load of American hops for an intensely hoppy and bitter ale with just enough black malt to give it its dark colour
  • In tribute to Frank Whittle, who at only 21 first presented the idea of turbo-jet propulsion to his then bosses at the Air Ministry. When they showed no interest, he patented the idea himself in 1932, but then had to let the patent lapse when he couldn’t afford to renew it. It was only many years later in 1941 that his dream became a reality while working with the Gloster Aircraft Company of Cheltenham. The first jet powered aircraft ‘E28/39 Pioneer’ took off from Brockworth airfield and so started the 20th Century jet age of international air travel. It’s only fitting that we dedicate our 5.5% ABV Black IPA to his memory


The Composer– English Style Ale – Harvest Ale 5.0%
(Seasonal – Autumn)

  • Malty, Earthy. Herbal – Malty, biscuit profilewith a balanced presentation of this season’s harvest
  • In tribute to Cheltenham born composer, arranger and teacher Gustav Holst, best known for his orchestral piece The Planets (1914-1918), which comprised a suite of compositions each one dedicated to a planet. Despite being a hundred years old, snippets can still be heard today in the theme for Darth Vader in Star Wars or featuring in Super Mario Bros films.


Code Breaker – Stouts & Porters – Smoked Porter 5.0%
(Seasonal – Winter)

  • Rich, Smoky, Toasted – dark and satisfying like our standard Porter but brewed with Beechwood Smoked Malt for a real smoky taste that complements the roasted malts – perfect on a cold winter’s evening
  • When GCHQ moved to Cheltenham in 1952, it was to continue the work of Bletchley Park, which had originally been set up to break the German enigma codes during the Second World War. Now you can test your own code-breaking aptitude as every year the agency release a Christmas charity puzzle challenge. So settle down by the fire with a pint of our dark, satisfying Beechwood smoked porter and get those brain cells working overtime

Christmas Ale – English Style Ale – TBA 5.0%
(Seasonal – Winter)

Notes not available.

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