CAMRA is investigating the impact of changes to our pubs as the big pub owning companies (Pub Co.) react
to the Pubs Code, put into force in 2016 after years of campaigning by licensee groups and

In the last two years, the number of pubs run on traditional long-term tenancies has fallen, as some
tenants are replaced by managers. Licensee campaigners are concerned that this may encourage
management turnover, all to avoid pubs being covered by the Code. The impact on customers is
less clear.

Our Pub Campaigns Committee is looking, confidentiality, for information. It is particularly
interested to see if changes in management to pub company pubs result in more or less choice for
pub-goers. Has your local pub increased or reduced its range of real ale and cider after a change
of tenant? Or do you work in a pubco pub and have seen changes? The Committee would also like
to know about any changes in prices and in the quality of the beer being served.

Please send information to the Committee’s Chair, Paul Ainsworth –

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