January is often a difficult time for local pubs.  Many people are spent up or partied out after the December and the Christmas / New Year festive season.  Their cause is also not helped by people’s new year resolutions to cut down on alcohol and the many “Dry January” campaigns

In order to try and fight back against this, a campaign called “Tryanuary” has been set up to try and fight back against the ‘Dry January’ campaigns that are damaging the beer industry every year.  Tryanuary is a UK wide campaign throughout January which aims to inspire people to seek out and try new beers.

The local Tryanuary Champion for Cheltenham, and possible Gloucestershire, is Leigh Norwood, who runs Cheltenham’s award winning Favourite Beers.  The aim is to get as many pubs, clubs, breweries, shops, restaurants, social  groups etc. to join in with Tryanuary – organising events, publicising new beers etc.

More details of how Cheltenham CAMRA will be supporting the campaign will follow.

If you are interested in finding out more details see: https://www.tryanuary.com/

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