One thought on “CRAF 2019. We open at 4:00pm!

  1. My husband & I came along yesterday with two friends who both have a disability. College staff were excellent in helping us enter avoiding the steps. I am a CAMRA member but on this occasion I wasn’t drinking as I was the ‘designated driver’ for the day. I asked if I could be allowed in without buying a programme & glass. After some head scratching and consultation I and my friend who doesn’t drink were given two Complimentary vouchers. I said it wasn’t necessary – just let me in and I could buy soft drinks & good I wanted. I went and got two soft drinks – no problem. The second time a large guy in a red t-shirt ask me if both drinks were for me – when I said no he got aggressive and stormed off saying he was going to have words with someone. I was really offended as I had not asked for the vouchers. I sat there fuming for a while and In the end I took back the second voucher + 50 pence that had been marked off it, handed it to the guy and told him to ‘stick it where the sun doesn’t time’ – probably not the best way to deal with it but it made me feel better. All the other volunteers were kind & helpful but I’m afraid he rather spoilt the event for us which is such a shame as my friends husband is sight impaired and really enjoyed his real ale as does my husband and can only attend events like this with our support.

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