There is something quintessentially British about the pub beer garden. Nothing says summer more than sitting outside a pub with a pint of real ale in hand.  We are also equally at home sitting outside under a patio heater whatever the weather.  For many youngsters their first introduction to the pub is playing on the equipment in a pub  garden with pop and crisps while their parents have a drink.  We like to drink outside, and pub beer gardens provide this experience.

Pub beers gardens are not just for pleasure though.  Many proved to be a real life saver for pubs during the covid pandemic.  After the first lockdowns pubs were initially only able to operate outside and those pubs with beer gardens were able to trade in a socially distanced way bringing in vital income that would have otherwise been lost through people drinking at home.

Even in the built up town centre Cheltenham is lucky to have many pubs with sunny secluded courtyard gardens.  On Wednesday 24th August to celebrate these we are organising a pub crawl to visit just a few of them.   We will start at 7:30pm  at The Kemble Brewery Inn.  We will then move on to some or all of the The Strand, Sandford Park Alehouse, St Georges Vaults and The Bayshill.

Hopefully the weather will be good otherwise we will be the ones huddled under the patio heaters.

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