Local Planning

This section will list any major planning applications that concern the pubs and clubs in our Branch area.

The planning reference shown is either:
the Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) reference, further details of which can be seen at http://publicaccess.cheltenham.gov.uk/online-applications
the Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) reference, further details of which can be seen at http://publicaccess.tewkesbury.gov.uk/online-applications/

Although we endeavor to monitor the Planning websites regularly, we may miss something. So if you spot something which concerns your local, then please let us know.

Please remember that if you want to object or support any of these applications, several individual letters will have more effect than a single letter with several signatures.

Five Alls, Bath Road (6 Jul 18) CBC Ref: 1801344/FUL Internal alterations to the pub, including moving the toilets and kitchen.
*UPDATE 1* The application was refused on 31st August.
*UPDATE 2* (10 Sep 18) A new application (CBC Ref: 18/01784/FUL) is submitted with revised plans.

Beaufort Arms, London Road (17 Nov 17) CBC Ref: 17/02246/FUL Use of upper floors as 3no. flats (2no. additional) and erection of new two storey, 3 bed dwelling to the north of the site following demolition of existing rear extensions. The planning application sees the retention of the ground floor as a public house. The planning design and access statement includes: “The proposed development will help to enhance the vitality of the local community and services through the upgrading of the existing vacant public house use which is proposed to be retained and enhanced”. This pub is currently listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).
*UPDATE 1* Planning permission was granted for this development on 22nd January. Despite several objections by the branch, it remains to be seen if the promised retention of public house will materialise.

Russell Arms, Hales Road (21 July 17) CBC Ref: 17/01253/COU Change of use from Public House (A4) to single dwelling (C3). Having received planning permission for redevelopment of the upper floors to flats – which included retaining the public house on the ground floor, (see entry below), the developer now wishes to replace the pub with a single dwelling.
*UPDATE 1* Permission for change of use was granted in July 17, despite several objections from the branch.

Ex Jamies Restaurant (19 June 17) CBC Ref: 17/01187/FUL Change of use from Restaurant (Class A3) to Public House (Class A4) and Internal Alterations to Listed Building | Jamies Italian, County Court Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1ND

Suffolk Arms (24 Mar 17) CBC Ref: 17/00606/FUL New external signage and lighting, internal and external refurbishments and alterations.

The Royal Union (17 Feb 17) CBC Ref: 17/00350/FUL Demolition of part single storey extension at rear of 37 Hatherley Street and erection of two storey, pitched roof dwelling.
*UPDATE 1*: Permission for this was granted on 2nd May.

Russell Arms, Hales Road (25 Jan 17) CBC Ref: 17/00169/FUL – A revised application which would see the retention and refurbishment of the ground floor as a public house and a number of flats on the upper floors. This new development now includes the adjacent property.
*UPDATE 1*: Permission for this development was granted by CBC on 16th March.

Ex Maple Leaf, Hewlett Road (12 Dec 16) CBC Ref: 16/01577/FUL – Permission has been granted for the former pub to be converted into a retail space and 7 flats. The formation of the retail unit is in keeping with the buildings ACV status, as it could also be used for community purposes.

The Royal Union (14 Sep 16) CBC Ref: 16/01662/FUL Demolition of part of single storey extension and replacement with 2.5 storey 3 bed dwelling. Alterations to remaining single storey extension including formation of courtyard and stairs to first floor flat roof, providing access to bed and breakfast accommodation on the first floor of the public house.
*UPDATE 1*: The application was withdrawn on 28th October.

The Ryeworth, Charlton Kings (July 16) CBC Ref: 16/01088/FUL – Renewed application which would see three houses replace the current pub and car-park. The developers have reapplied as CBC had removed the ACV listing of the pub after no community group expressed an interest to buy it within 6 weeks of the “Intention to Dispose” notice.
*UPDATE 1*: Cheltenham BC have granted permission for this development.
*UPDATE 2*: The developers have now requested (October, through CBC Ref: 16/01908/FUL), that they pull down the pub and replace it with three cottages. An email on the CBC planning website suggests that in December, the developer withdrew this application.

Kings Arms, Gloucester Road (5 Apr 16) CBC Ref: 16/00495/FUL – Application by Punch Taverns for minor internal and external alterations.

The Ryeworth, Charlton Kings (2 Feb 16) CBC Ref: 16/00166/FUL – An application to demolish the pub and replace it with three five bedroom houses. (Update May 2016). CBC refused the Planning Application.

Russell Arms, Hales Road (28 Jan 16) CBC Ref: 16/00114/FUL – A revised application which would see the retention and refurbishment of the ground floor as a public house and four apartments on the upper floors.
*UPDATE 1*: This application was withdrawn in December, although the developer has stated that a new application, to possibly include a neighbouring property, will be submitted early in 2017.

Fairview / Maple Leaf, Hewlett Road (24 Dec 15) CBC Ref: 15/02269/FUL – Alterations and extensions to the building and conversion to provide 10 additional flats. The Planning Application was rejected on 18 February 2016.

The Stable, Clarence Street (23 Sep 16) CBC Ref: 15/01667/FUL – Conversion of a former restaurant into a bar which specialises in real cider. Permission was granted on 9th November 2015.

Old Fire Station, St James Square (21 Sep 15) CBC Ref: 15/01672/FUL – Conversion of former offices into a restaurant. Permission was granted on 5th February 2016.

Irish Oak, Lower High Street (21 Aug 15) CBC Ref: 15/01490/FUL – Conversion of the pub into a restaurant. Permission was granted on 15th October.

Russell Arms, Hales Road (5 Jun 15) CBC Ref: 15/00988/FUL – An application to demolish the pub and replace it with six flats. This application was withdrawn by the developer on the 28th September after a large number of objections from local residents were received.

ROAB Club, Hewlett Place (27 Oct 15) CBC Ref: 15/01879/FUL –  Erection of 4 no. dwellings with associated parking, following demolition of all existing buildings. Sadly the branch missed this, as it was listed out as a residential property on the Cheltenham Borough Council Website. An objection was not submitted.

Little Owl, Cirencester Road (14 Jun 14) CBC Ref: 14/01047/FUL – Demolition and construction of 10 houses on the site. (Approved)

Little Owl, Cirencester Road (7 Oct 13) CBC Ref: 13/01902 – Demolition and construction of 9 houses on the site. (Approved 20 Feb 2014)